In about five hours, I’ll be seeing my second Rush show on their R40 Tour. I was at opening night in Tulsa, and it was one of the best concert experiences of my life. I’d give you some details about the amazing set list and fantastic set design, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for any of you who might be attending a show later on during the tour!

It’s only been ten days since Tulsa, and I’m still just as excited to see the band as I was that night. I’m not even sure how many Rush shows I’ve seen over the years, but it’s definitely in the middle 20’s– in fact, I may have seen Rush more times than any other artist (although Springsteen might be up there as well). To celebrate the guaranteed awesomeness I’ll be experiencing this evening, here’ a great Rush rarity for you: the actual soundtrack to the Exit…Stage Left concert film. The songs differ from the album of the same name– many are different takes, and some (like”Limelight”) do not appear on the LP at all.

It’s time for me to get in the mood, so I just popped open my first pre-show beer. Hope you enjoy Exit…Stage Left!


Exit... Stage Left [Video]

Rush: Exit…Stage Left [Video Soundtrack]

Polygram Video, 1981


1. “Limelight” (Lee/Lifeson/Peart)


2. “Tom Sawyer” (Lee/Lifeson/Pearl/Dubois)

Tom Sawyer

3. “The Trees” (Lee/Lifeson/Peart)

The Trees

4. “Xanadu” (Lee/Lifeson/Peart)


5. “Red Barchetta” (Lee/Lifeson/Peart)

Red Barchetta

6. “Freewill” (Lee/Lifeson/Peart)


7. “Closer To The Heart” (Lee/Lifeson/Peart)

Closer To The Heart

8. Chat


9. “Medley: By-Tor And The Snow Dog/In The End/In The Mood/2112 Grand Finale” (Lee/Lifeson/Peart)

Medley: By-Tor And The Snow Dog/In The End/In The Mood/2112 Grand Finale

10. “YYZ” [Abridged] (Lee/Peart)

YYZ [Abridged]


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.



Rush: “In The Mood” (Geddy Lee)

From the album Rush

Moon Records, 1974

In The Mood

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  1. I would sell my left n-t to have Exit Stage left remastered for Blu Ray !

  2. im a bass player who triiiiies to play like Geddy Lee, i’ve had lots of practice but not as much as i could’ve(past tense) and could have(present), but even if i had’ve or would’ve i doubt very seriously i’d be playing anywhere near Geddys level. I saw Rush on their 1988 Show of Hands/Hold Your Fire tour, 1992-93 (twice) Roll the Bones tour, and 1994 Counterparts tour. Wow over 20 years since that last one and it doesnt look like i’m gonna get the chance to see them on this possible Grand Finale….. oh well, thank God for YouTube!!!

  3. Leo says:

    THIS brings back memories. My first serious rock concert was the Moving Pictures tour and it ruined me for most concerts that came later. And it’s all here! Ahhh, to drink the Milk of Par-rah-dice, live! Red Barchetta (best song ever for speeding on the highway at night). Ohhh, those were the days. As ever, another legendary offering from the Analog Kid.

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