My name is Gary and I am 46 years old. I have been collecting music my entire life. I own over 10,000 LPs and CDs, and there are currently 79,911 songs in my iTunes music library. I like to talk about music, and this often bores my wife.  I now hope to bore you instead.

There won’t be a set format for this blog. Some posts will be about individual songs, while others will be about full albums or perhaps even full band catalogs. I’ll write about concerts. I’ll tell stories about meeting many of my musical idols over the years. Springsteen? Yep. Bono? Indeed. Michael Stipe? We danced to salsa music at an after party back on the “Monster” tour in 1995.

At the very least, my goal is to entertain you. I also hope that perhaps I can help you discover some long-lost musical gems that you might have missed way back in the day.  If I had known you in 1982, I would have put these songs on a TDK SA90 mix tape for your enjoyment. Today, words and mp3s will have to suffice.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. mike essick says:

    Saw Sammy & zz TOPP in Tulsa in 1984. Went to the car to get some Rolling papers & a guy walked Up To me stuck a track in my face & said you’re going to hell !!

  2. Frank Raso says:

    Were you a Rush fan? Analog Kid is a killer song with perhaps one of the best bridges in rock history.

    I agree with your take on TT D’Arby and dance little sister..james brown meets mj but with lyrics that matter..

    Keep well!

  3. Robert McDermott, Jr. says:

    Hi Analog Kid.GREAT SITE !
    First, Congrats on the new child. Were you into the disco scene bk in the 70’s ? You surprised me with that Vicki Lawrence song “Don’t Stop The Music”. It should have been a big floor hit. I can’t believe I never heard it. Play it constantly now.
    Will be checking back for music I can’t get. I’ve got about 2,500 CD’s ripped to .wma files on a couple of ZUNES that I play everywhere & dock in the car ( Only place I can play them like you mean it ).
    If you need a rare one, I might have it.

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