Here’s your ticket to some of the best (or, perhaps, most infamous) 7″ singles ever released! No adapter is required, although in my opinion the device pictured below is right up there with Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts as one of the best inventions of the 20th century.



“Best movie theme song of all time, right Russ?”

“Sure, Dad. Good talk.”


Holiday Road [U.K. 7_]

Lindsey Buckingham: Holiday Road [U.K. 7″]

Mercury Records, 1983


A-side: “Holiday Road” (Lindsey Buckingham)

Holiday Road

B-side: “Mary Lee Jones” (Lindsey Buckingham)

Mary Lee Jones


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.


Live At The Bass Performance Hall 1

Lindsey Buckingham: “Holiday Road” [Live] (Lindsey Buckingham)

From the album Live At The Bass Performance Hall

Reprise Records, 2008

Holiday Road [Live]

Note: I was actually at this show! It was my first solo Buckingham gig.


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