Every Tuesday, the Analog Kid blog goes back in time and features some of the best groovy R&B/soul songs from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Sometimes you’ll hear songs from individual artists or from a specific year, and other times you’ll get an entire full-length classic LP ripped directly from the Analog Kid’s vast vinyl vault. Warning: by R&B/soul, I also mean disco. I could go all Patrick Hernandez on your ass at any given moment, so just be ready!


Does anyone else still think of George Hamilton whenever you hear Alicia Bridges’ “I Love The Nightlife (Disco ‘Round)?” I was eleven when I first saw Love At First Bite, and George’s vampiric disco moves apparently made quite an impression on me.


Of course, I also owned “I Love The Nightlife” on 45 and it remains one of my favorite disco songs to this day. I’ve actually been searching for the Alicia Bridges album on vinyl for years, but every copy I find always seems to be in horrible shape. The album contains the full-length version of “I Love The Nightlife,” a version so rare that I’ve never even heard it…until today, that is!

No, I still haven’t found a decent copy of the LP. But I did locate the full-length version of “I Love The Nightlife” on a disco compilation CD, and now I am happy to share this classic with you. The full-length version starts with the chorus, and I can’t say that I really like that arrangement– but just wait until the instrumental breakdown near the end of the song. It’s disco gold, Jerry! And it only took me 37 years to strike the mother lode…

“I Love The Nightlife” peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 on January 6, 1979.


Alicia Bridges

Alicia Bridges: “I Love The Nightlife (Disco ‘Round)” (Alicia Bridges/Susan Hutcheson)

From the album Alicia Bridges

Polydor Records, 1978

I Love The Nightlife (Disco ‘Round)


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.

Alicia Bridges_ Singles & B-Sides

Alicia Bridges: “I Love The Nightlife (Disco ‘Round)” [7″ Version] (Alicia Bridges/Susan Hutcheson)

Polydor Records, 1978

I Love The Nightlife (Disco ‘Round) [7″ Version]

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  1. anonymous says:

    Genuinely enjoy the continuous breadth of the material you feature and after reading every post and every comment, am quite frankly surprised you have less than 50K views based on the quality rips you provide. Maybe it’s your writing voice? While you do tend to exaggerate the rarity and or the scarcity of the items in your collection, sometimes you offer a genuinely humorous or even touching anecdote to go along with whatever you’re featuring. Other times, it is almost like you are almost reluctantly sharing or doing your readers a solid that we don’t deserve, rather than just sharing the music out of the goodness of your heart.

    Don’t know where you’ve been looking but the Alicia Bridges album is readily available in great quality and in fact as I type this a good friend of mine (music4meand4you) is offering several still sealed (albeit cutout) versions on ebay for the buy it now price of $1.99 plus $4 S&H. If you’ve never heard it, you are in for a treat. As long as you are not expecting more “disco” like the title track: it’s rock and soul and even some funk.

    Also, do you keep track of what you write? By this, I mean you have teased concert reviews (the recent Fleetwood Mac show comes to mind) that have yet to appear as well as your personal interactions with the musicians whose music you feature (as teased on your About page). I know you keep track of your Groovy Tuesday posts so we should expect Patrick Hernandez next Tuesday, right?

    • Thanks for the (mostly!) kind words. I would really like to hear the whole Alicia album, but as I mentioned I’ve just never found one in quality condition. As a general rule, I don’t buy cut-outs unless I am absolutely desperate!!

      I’m glad that you like the personal anecdotes– those are my favorite types of posts. Thanks for reading (and listening!).

      And yes, perhaps next Tuesday will be Patrick Hernandez Day! I do have the vinyl, but I haven’t ripped it yet… 🙂

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