Good news: the laptop is fixed, and I am currently in the process of getting my music library back in shape. All of the music was safely stored on an external drive, but the laptop crash wiped out my iTunes install. I had a backup of my library files from a couple months back so I was able to restore, but I lost the link to about 10,000 songs in the process– the music is there, but iTunes just doesn’t KNOW that it’s there. So long story short, I am re-importing the music to my laptop’s new giant C: drive. I won’t lose any music, and it should run a heck of a lot faster! (Note: should you ever attempt to add a folder with 100,000 mp3s to iTunes, please allow about fifteen hours for the task to complete)

I should be back up and running shortly, and that means new blog posts are just around the corner. But not tomorrow, as I am off to Minneapolis to attend the opening concert of Fleetwood Mac’s “On With The Show” tour. I am beyond excited! Of course, I will provide a full report upon my return.

Thanks to all of my readers for your patience and understanding!



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"I'm 5-foot-8, 123 pounds. I have, uh, brown hair, blue eyes. I enjoy surfing, backgammon and men who aren't afraid to cry."

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  1. PC says:

    Good news Gary. Glad to hear it.

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