Here’s your ticket to some of the best (or, perhaps, most infamous) 7″ singles ever released! No adapter is required, although in my opinion the device pictured below is right up there with the Atari 2600 as one of the best inventions of the 20th century.


The Analog Kid Blog has been in existence for almost a year now (!!!), and today it dawned on me that I have yet to feature even a single song from one of my favorite bands: my precious Echo & The Bunnymen. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I wasn’t really an Echo fan back in the ’80s– it’s not that I disliked the band, but for some reason they just never seemed to be on my radar. 1987’s “Lips Like Sugar” changed all of that for me. It’s a truly perfect pop song, and I’ve been a Bunnymen believer ever since.

Of course, I picked a bit of a bad time to finally become a fan. Ian McCulloch left the band shortly after “Lips Like Sugar” for a solo career, and Will Sergeant tried in vain to keep the band going with a new singer. The dynamic duo would eventually join forces again in 1995 as Electrafixion, and the next year they finally made their return official with a return to the Echo & The Bunnymen name. Ian and Will been making great Echo records together ever since.

The U.S. 7″ single for “Lips Like Sugar” contains a unique edit of the song, and it also has a great b-side in “Rollercoaster.” For some reason, “Rollercoaster” wasn’t included as a bonus track on the otherwise excellent 2003 deluxe reissue of the band’s self-titled 1987 album. That reissue didn’t include the 12″ mix of “Lips Like Sugar” either, so I have included it as a bonus track. I have also included a song from the fantastic new Bunnymen album Meteorites— if you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up!

Lips Like Sugar [U.S. 7_]

Echo & The Bunnymen: Lips Like Sugar [U.S. 7″]

Sire Records, 1987


A-side: “Lips Like Sugar” [Single Version] (McCulloch/Sergeant/Pattinson)

Lips Like Sugar [Single Version]

B-side: “Rollercoaster” (McCulloch/Sergeant/Pattinson/de Freitas)



Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.

Echo & The Bunnymen_ Singles & B-Sides

Echo & The Bunnymen: “Lips Like Sugar” [12″ Mix] (McCulloch/Sergeant/Pattinson)

From the U.S. 12″ Lips Like Sugar

Sire Records, 1987

Lips Like Sugar [12″ Mix]


Echo & The Bunnymen

Echo & The Bunnymen: “Lips Like Sugar” (McCulloch/Sergeant/Pattinson)

From the album Echo & The Bunnymen

Sire Records, 1987

Lips Like Sugar



Electrafixion: “Zephyr” (McCulloch/Sergeant)

From the album Burned

Sire Records, 1995




Echo & The Bunnymen: “Constantinople” (McCulloch/Sergeant)

From the album Meteorites

429 Records, 2014



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