On November 29, 1981, Stevie Nicks played a show at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas. The concert was part of a short tour promoting the Bella Donna album, and Stevie brought an incredible group of musicians on the road with her:

Waddy Wachtel on guitar.

Russ Kunkel on drums.

Roy Bittan on piano.

Benmont Tench on organ and synths.

Bob Glaub on bass.

Bobbye Hall on precussion.

Lori Perry and Sharon Celani on backing vocals.

Sadly, this amazing band only played nine shows together before Stevie had to jet off to France to work on Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage album. The fact that I didn’t attend the Dallas show still stands as one of my biggest concert regrets, but there was little I could do about it– after all, I was only in 9th grade at the time. I had attended my first concert (read about it here: https://theanalogkidblog.com/2013/11/07/november-7-1981-it-begins/) only a few weeks earlier with friends, but none of my friends were all that interested in driving me to see Stevie. Neither was my mother, so I ended up missing what was certainly an epic show. Want proof?

I must have watched the HBO special filmed on the tour about 100 times back in the ’80s. Maybe it will see an official video release someday, but at least a couple of songs from the show have been released as b-sides. You can find those songs below, along with eight more of my favorite non-album cuts from Ms. Nicks over the years.

And if you’re curious, I will be at the first Fleetwood Mac show with Christine McVie this September even if I have to walk the 939.9 miles from Dallas to Minneapolis barefoot…


Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 11

Stevie Nicks: “Blue Lamp” (Nicks)

From the soundtrack Heavy Metal

Asylum Records, 1981

Blue Lamp

Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 5

Stevie Nicks: “Edge Of Seventeen [Live]” (Nicks)

From the 12″ promo Edge Of Seventeen

Modern Records, 1982

Recorded live at the Wilshire Theatre, 12/13/1981

Edge Of Seventeen [Live]

Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 4

Stevie Nicks: “Gold And Braid [Live]” (Nicks)

From the box set Enchanted

Modern Records, 1998

Recorded live during the 1981 Bella Donna tour

Gold And Braid [Live]

Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 10

Stevie Nicks: “Sleeping Angel” (Nicks)

From the soundtrack Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Full Moon/Asylum Records, 1982

Sleeping Angel

Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 8

Stevie Nicks: “Garbo” (Nicks)

B-side of the 7″ single Stand Back

Modern Records, 1983


Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 9

Stevie Nicks: “Violet And Blue” (Nicks)

From the soundtrack Against All Odds

Atlantic Records, 1984

Violet And Blue

can't wait

Stevie Nicks: “I Can’t Wait [Dance Mix]” (Nicks/Nowels/Pressly)

From the 12″ single I Can’t Wait

Modern Records, 1985

Vinyl rip courtesy of the Analog Kid

I Can’t Wait [Dance Mix]

Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 3

Stevie Nicks: “One More Big Time Rock And Roll Star” (Nicks)

B-side of the 7″ single Talk To Me

Modern Records, 1985

One More Big Time Rock And Roll Star

Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 12

Stevie Nicks: “Battle Of The Dragon” (Nicks/Nicholson/Jarvis)

From the soundtrack American Anthem

Atlantic Records, 1986

Battle Of The Dragon

Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 2

Stevie Nicks: “Real Tears” (Nicks)

B-side of the 7″ single Two Kinds Of Love

Modern Records, 1989

Vinyl rip courtesy of the Analog Kid

Real Tears


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.

Stevie Nicks_ Singles & B-Sides 8

Stevie Nicks: “Stand Back [Single Version]” (Nicks/Prince)

Modern Records, 1983

Stand Back [Single Version]

Vinyl rip courtesy of DJPaulT and his fantastic site: http://burningtheground.net/

Rock A Little

Stevie Nicks: “I Can’t Wait” (Nicks/Nowels/Pressly)

From the album Rock A Little

Modern Records, 1985

I Can’t Wait

The Other Side of the Mirror

Stevie Nicks: “Two Kinds Of Love” (Nicks/Hine/Nowels)

From the album The Other Side Of The Mirror

Modern Records, 1989

Two Kinds of Love



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  1. John Lucier says:

    I love blue lamp. Dont know if the hbo special included that.

    That is the live version from los angeles, some incredible musicians there. If it sounds a little like Springsteen, thats because the E st. pianist Roy Bittan was in on it. Plus another keyboardist on organ, AND a percussionist.

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