Every Tuesday, the Analog Kid blog goes back in time and features some groovy R&B/soul songs from a specific year. Sometimes you’ll hear songs from individual artists, and other times you’ll get an entire full-length classic LP ripped directly from the Analog Kid’s vast vinyl vault. Warning: by R&B/soul, I also mean disco. I could go all Disco Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes on your ass at any given moment, so just be ready!

In Session

Chairmen Of The Board: “Pay To The Piper” (Perry/Johnson/Dunbar/Bond)

From the album In Session

Invictus Records, 1971

“Pay To The Piper” was the second Top 20 hit for the Chairmen Of The Board, a four-man vocal group from Detroit. In 1970, “Give Me Just A Little More Time” (written under a pseudonym by Motown legends Holland/Dozier/Holland) had reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Chairmen Of The Board never had another Top 40 pop hit after “Pay To The Piper,” but they continued to have success on the R&B charts until their demise in 1976.

The 8th Day

The 8th Day:  “She’s Not Just Another Woman”  (Wilson/Dunbar)

From the album 8th Day

Invictus Records, 1971

“She’s Not Just Another Woman” originally appeared on the 1970 album “Somebody’s Been Sleeping In My Bed” by 100 Proof Aged In Soul, but it became a #11 smash when released again under the name 8th Day in 1971. “Somebody’s Been Sleeping” was a big hit for 100 Proof at the time, so (supposed) songwriters Holland/Dozier/Holland simply slapped a new band name on “She’s Not Just Another Woman” and scored themselves another big single.

Note: I say “supposed” in relation to the songwriting credit for “She’s Not Just Another Woman” because different sources provide varying accounts on how the song came to be. Holland/Dozier/Holland were involved in a protracted lawsuit with Motown at the time, so all of their songs written between 1969 and 1972 were credited to pseudonyms. What is indisputable is that both the 100 Proof Aged In Soul and 8th Day versions of “She’s Not Just Another Woman” are identical, and both are awesome…

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose_ Singles & B-Sides

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose: “Treat Her Like A Lady” (Cornelius)

From the album Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

United Artists Records, 1971

“Treat Her Like A Lady” was the first single from Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, and was one of five Top 100 hits from their debut album.  “Treat Her Like A Lady” peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 1971.

The Staple Swingers

The Staple Singers: “Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom-Boom)” (Barry/Bloom)

From the album Staple Swingers

Stax Records, 1971

“Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom-Boom)” was the first Stax hit for the Staple Singers, who had been recording gospel-tinged songs for years without a true chart breakthrough. “Heavy” broke the Top 30 on the Hot 100 and reached #6 on the R&B charts, and helped pave the way for the massive soul hits to come.

Thin Line Between Love And Hate

The Persuaders: “Thin Line Between Love And Hate” (Poindexter/Poindexter/Members)

From the album Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Atco Records, 1971

I first became aware of “Thin Line Between Love And Hate” via The Pretenders’ 1984 cover version. The original was the biggest hit for The Persuaders, reaching #15 on the Hot 100 in late 1971 (and topping the R&B chart as well). Annie Lennox also covered the song on her 1995 album Medusa.


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.

Give Me Just A Little More Time

Chairmen Of The Board: “Give Me Just A Little More Time” (Wayne/Dunbar)

From the album Give Me Just A Little More Time

Invictus Records, 1970

Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed

100 Proof Aged in Soul: “Somebody’s Been Sleeping” (Perry/Johnson/Bond)

From the album Somebody’s Been Sleeping In My Bed

Hot Wax Records, 1971

Learning To Crawl

The Pretenders: “Thin Line Between Love And Hate” (Poindexter/Poindexter/Members)

From the album Learning To Crawl

Sire Records, 1984


Annie Lennox: “Thin Line Between Love And Hate” (Poindexter/Poindexter/Members)

From the album Medusa

Arista Records, 1995

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