“The Lost Boys: Hard-To-Find ’80s Albums” gives you exactly what the title implies: a rare or out-of-print album from the ’80s in its entirety. Some will be from CD, but most will have been lovingly transferred from pristine vinyl culled directly from the Analog Kid’s vast collection. Whatever album I choose, it will be one that you can’t easily find a physical copy for sale on Amazon or in your local record store (if you even have one anymore). Death…by stereo!


Animotion hit the Top 10 in 1984 with “Obsession,” the first single from their self-titled debut album. Most people think of the band as a one-hit wonder, but that’s not technically the case. “Let Him Go,” the second single from Animotion, peaked at #39 in early 1985. The band’s second album produced the international hit “I Engineer,” but failed to make much noise in the United States. Animotion finally had their second huge hit when 1989’s “Room To Move” reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, a mere three spots below the highest chart position for “Obsession.”

See? Animotion were really not just a one-hit wonder. But I’d hate to have to argue their case in court, as I have a bad feeling Judge Kasem might dismiss the claim. “Room To Move” may have been credited to a group called Animotion, but in actuality the 1989 version was really an entirely different band. Original vocalists Bill Wadhams and Astrid Plane left the group before recording began on the third Animotion album, meaning that no original members played on “Room To Move.” Astrid was replaced by Cynthia Rhodes, best known for her role as Penny in Dirty Dancing (Rhodes was also the wife of Richard Marx at the time, which really has nothing to do with Animotion but it’s still kinda interesting, don’t you think?).


Former Device vocalist Paul Engemann took over as the lead male vocalist, which made some sort of twisted sense as his Device bandmate Holly Knight had co-written “Obsession” in the first place. Got all of that?

The new line-up of Animotion didn’t last long, though, and the band broke up shortly after the success of “Room To Move.” So I ask you: is Animotion really a one-hit wonder? I still say no, even if you ignore the success of “Room To Move.” After all, “Let Him Go” did reach #39 in 1985, and I consider any placement inside the Top 40 to be a hit.

Your honor, I rest my case. Nobody puts Animotion in a one-hit wonder corner!



Animotion: Animotion

Mercury Records, 1984

Vinyl rip courtesy of the Analog Kid


1. “Obsession” (Des Barres/Knight)


2. “Let Him Go” (Wadhams)

Let Him Go

3. “Everything’s Leading To You” (Wadhams)

Everything’s Leading To You

4. “Turn Around” (Wadhams)

Turn Around

5. “Fun Fun Fun” (Wadhams)

Fun Fun Fun

6. “Tremble” (Ball)


7. “Holding You” (Wadhams)

Holding You

8. “Run To Me” (Wadhams/Neigher)

Run To Me

9. “Open Door” (Wadhams/Kirkpatrick)

Open Door


Animotion [1989]

Animotion: Animotion

Polydor Records, 1989


1. “Room To Move” (Climie/Fisher/Morgan)

Room To Move

2. “Calling It Love” (Child/Fig)

Calling It Love

3. “Ground Zero” (Wood/Feldman)

Ground Zero

4. “Message Of Love” (Van Tongren/Leiberman)

Message Of Love

5. “Send It Over” (Hammer/Slater)

Send It Over

6. “Do Like I Do” (Hammer/Slater)

Do Like I Do

7. “Best Mistake” (Scott/Scher)

Best Mistake

8. “House Of Love” (Stewart)

House Of Love

9. “The Way Into Your Heart” (Marx/Rhodes)

The Way Into Your Heart

10. “Room To Move (Reprise)” (Climie/Fisher/Gordon)

Room To Move (Reprise)


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.


Animotion_ Singles & B-Sides 2

Animotion: “Obsession” [7″ Version] (Knight/Des Barres)

Mercury Records, 1984

Obsession [7″ Version]


Strange Behavior

Animotion: “I Engineer” (Chapman/Taupin/Knight)

From the album Strange Behavior

Casablanca Records, 1986

I Engineer


Device_ Singles & B-Sides

Device: “Hanging On A Heart Attack” [7″ Version] (Knight/Chapman)

Original version from the album 22B3

Chrysalis Records, 1986

Hanging On A Heart Attack [Single Version]


Repeat Offender

Richard Marx: “Satisfied” (Marx)

From the album Repeat Offender

Capitol Records, 1989



Dirty Dancing

Eric Carmen: “Hungry Eyes” (Carmen)

From the album Dirty Dancing

RCA Records, 1987

Hungry Eyes





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