“The Lost Boys: Hard-To-Find ’80s Albums” gives you exactly what the title implies: a rare or out-of-print album from the ’80s in its entirety. Some will be from CD, but most will have been lovingly transferred from pristine vinyl culled directly from the Analog Kid’s vast collection. Whatever album I choose, it will be one that you can’t easily find a physical copy for sale on Amazon or in your local record store (if you even have one anymore). Death…by stereo!


Last January, I featured the song “She Sheila” from The Producers in one of my “Texas Radio & The Big Beat” posts. Here’s what I wrote about the band:

The Producers were a fantastic power-pop band from Atlanta. They only made two records during their initial run, but they received a lot of airplay in Dallas. In the late ’90s, I heard “She Sheila” on the radio during a flashback segment and completely lost my mind– how could I have forgotten about this pop masterpiece? The band’s two albums had just been released on a single CD, and I immediately ordered a copy from Amazon. That CD is now long out of print and worth a fortune. No, I will not sell my copy to you. But I promise that I will share it with you on a future “Lost Boys: Hard-To-Find ’80s Albums” post…

I am sometimes very bad about keeping promises, but for once I am going to come through like a champ! Today’s “Lost Boys” entry is The Producers, the band’s stunningly great self-titled 1981 debut album. My friends, this record is simply one of the best power-pop albums of all  time.

12 songs. 37 minutes. Pure pop perfection.

Later this week, I’ll also feature the band’s second album entitled You Make The Heat. It’s almost as good a record as this one, and that’s really saying something. Don’t be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the power pop party!


The Producers

The Producers: The Producers

Portrait Records, 1981


1. “What’s He Got” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

What’s He Got?

2. “I Love Lucy” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

I Love Lucy

3. “Who Do You Think You Are” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

Who Do You Think You Are?

4. “Life Of Crime” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

Life Of Crime

5. “Certain Kinda Girl” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

Certain Kinda Girl

6. “You Go Your Way” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

You Go Your Way

7. “What She Does To Me” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

What She Does To Me

8. “Body Language” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

Body Language

9. “Sensations” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)


10. “Here’s To You” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

Here’s To You

11. “Boys Say When/Girls Say Why” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

Boys Say When/Girls Say Why

12. “The End” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

The End


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.

You Make The Heat

The Producers: “She Sheila” (Henderson/Holmes/Famous/Temple)

From the album You Make The Heat

Portrait Records, 1982

She Sheila


Mel Brooks & John Morris: “Springtime For Hitler” (Mel Brooks)

From the film The Producers

Embassy Pictures/MGM, 1968



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3 responses »

  1. Mark says:

    This was the album that led me to your site. Very hard to find this and the second album. I have them on Vinyl, but a needle hasn’t touched them in over 30 years….damn I’m old. Do you have the third album?

    • I do have the third album– only on vinyl, though. Didn’t even know it existed until I stumbled upon a copy at Half Prince Books about 10 years ago. Maybe I will do a new rip of it for the site!

  2. James says:

    Hero — saves a drowning child, cures a wasting disease.
    Hero — lands the crippled airplane, solves great mysteries.
    Hero — Posts TWO Producers albums!!
    You, sir, are my hero today.

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