As you probably know by now, The Analog Kid lives for b-sides and non-album cuts. In this continuing series, I will share some of my favorite EPs and 12″ singles from over the years in their entirety. And since it’s digital, you don’t have to worry about correctly setting the turntable speed to  or 33⅓ or 45!


You had to love the ’80s– only then could a balding thirty-something drummer from a progressive rock band become one of the biggest stars in pop music. Phil Collins was seemingly everywhere in the mid-’80s, but his devil-may-care attitude about the whole thing made him seem lovable instead of irritating. OK, so maybe “Invisible Touch” was more than just a tad annoying, but how could you not love the man who made a video as silly as “Don’t Lose That Number?”

“Don’t Lost That Number” was one of four top ten U.S. singles from Phil’s 1985 album No Jacket Required. The song peaked at #4 in September of 1985, no doubt in great part due to the song’s hilarious video. The light-hearted clip made fun of (and paid homage to) classic videos by everyone from The Cars to Elton John to David Lee Roth, and Phil even managed to sneak in an Alamo reference. [Another reason to love Phil: he’s a life-long Alamo buff, and he recently donated his extensive collection of Alamo memorabilia to the state of Texas. We’re talking about artifacts valued in the millions here, and he did it for free.]

The U.S. 12″ single for “Don’t Lose That Number” contains the ubiquitous extended dance mix, and also features the non-album track “We Said Hello Goodbye.” It’s the video that we all remember, though, so here it is!

Hmmm…I’ve heard rumblings that a new Mad Max movie is in the works. I think Phil has more than earned a cameo appearance, don’t you?


Don't Lose My Number [U.S. 12_]

Phil Collins: Don’t Lose My Number [U.S. 12″]

Atlantic Records, 1985


1. “Don’t Lose My Number [Extended Version]” (Collins)

Don’t Lose My Number [Extended Version]

2. “Don’t Lose My Number” (Collins)

Don’t Lose My Number

3. “We Said Hello Goodbye” (Collins)

We Said Hello Goodbye


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.

Genesis_ Singles & B-Sides

Genesis: “Invisible Touch [Special Remix Version]” (Collins/Banks/Rutherford)

From the U.S. 12″ Invisible Touch

Atlantic Records, 1986

Invisible Touch [Special Remix Version]

Elton John_ Singles & B-Sides 1

Elton John: “I’m Still Standing [Extended Version]” (John/Taupin)

From the U.K. 12″ single I’m Still Standing

Original version from the album Too Low For Zero

The Rocket Record Company, 1983

I’m Still Standing [Extended Version]

Crazy From The Heat 1

David Lee Roth: “California Girls” (Wilson)

From the E.P. Crazy From The Heat

Warner Brothers Records, 1985

California Girls

Heartbeat City

The Cars: “You Might Think” (Ocasek)

From the album Heartbeat City

Elektra Records, 1984

You Might Think



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  1. WTF Pancakes says:

    Oh yes, I had this one, and “We Said Hello Goodbye” is still my favorite Phil solo tune.

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