Every Tuesday, the Analog Kid blog goes back in time and features some groovy R&B/soul songs from a specific year. Sometimes you’ll hear songs from individual artists, and other times you’ll get an entire full-length classic LP ripped directly from the Analog Kid’s vast vinyl vault. Warning: by R&B/soul, I also mean disco. I could go all K.C. & The Sunshine Band on your ass at any given moment, so just be ready!

Gary ain’t got no job, baby. Gary ain’t got no bills. While your husband is on his job, thinkin’ about the bills, you know where Gary is girl? Gary’s at his house– writin’ his blog, and giving you a thrill. And I’m Gary.

Note to readers: please proceed directly to “Candy Licker” (track 7) and enjoy. I could tell you all sorts of fun stuff about Marvin Sease and the path that led him to create this ’80s dance-floor classic, but sometimes it’s best to let the music do the talkin’. I will say that I didn’t even know this existed until about three or four years ago, and now I wonder how I made it through the ’80s without it…


Marvin Sease

Marvin Sease: Marvin Sease

London/Polygram Records, 1987

1. “Double Crosser” (Sease)

2. “Let’s Get Married Today” (Sease)

3. “Love Me Or Leave Me” (Sease)

4. “Ghetto Man” (Sease)

5. “You’re Number One” (Sease)

6. “Dreaming” (Sease)

7. “Candy Licker” (Sease)


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.


Marvin Sease: “I Ate You For My Breakfast” (Sease)

From the album Breakfast

London/Polygram Records, 1987

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