The Analog Kid’s iTunes music folder contains almost 86,000 songs, so you may think that I own everything by everybody. Not so fast, my friends– even a collection that large is bound to have some true one-hit wonders and/or obscurities mixed in with the 1,200+ Elvis Costello songs. In this continuing series, I will feature an artist that has exactly one song in my entire digital library.

After all, one is the loneliest number…

Dumb Waiters

The Korgis: “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” (Warren)

From the album Dumb Waiters

Asylum Records, 1980

I stumbled across The Korgis’ “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” on an obscure compilation CD about a year ago. The name of the band and the song triggered my internal “I think I know this” mechanism, and my $3.99 turned out to be well-spent when I found myself immediately singing along to this classic song from 1980.

“Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” reached #5 in the band’s native UK, and even managed to break into the Top 20 in the United States. Success was fleeting for the Korgis, though, as the band’s original lineup splintered shortly after the song’s success.

After rediscovering “Everybody Wants To Learn Sometime,” I set out on a search for more Korgis and did manage to find a beautiful vinyl copy of Dumb Waiters. I haven’t ripped the vinyl to digital format yet, so at this moment I still only have one Korgis song in my iTunes library. And what a song it is…

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