This is my 100th post here on The Analog Kid Blog. They say that most bloggers quit during the first few months, so the fact that I have reached 100 posts seems worthy of a small celebration. Every day, I wake up and have no idea who or what I am going to write about. That doesn’t scare me, though, as I know that music will always provide me with a never-ending source of inspiration.

I want to thank all of you for reading, especially those of you who I’ve become friendly with. I may not know your faces (or even your real names in some instances), but your comments and correspondence and obvious passion for music make this all worthwhile. The internet can be a bizarre and very unfriendly place, but I am happy to report that no one has yet to leave any comments on this blog about Obama, their sister-in-law who earns big $$$ in her spare time, or my momma.

So what is the weirdest thing I have seen in my 100 posts, you ask? Well, WordPress shows you some cool analytics that let you know how many site visits you are receiving per day from various sources. Of course, Google is by far my number one source of hits. Unfortunately, Google keeps most of their search results private. That means I know someone visited the site via a Google search, but only rarely can I see what their search actually was. The searches that do slip through are often quite hilarious, but the best of the bunch has to be this “glorious” search that somehow led someone straight to my blog:

“Gloria Loring feet pic”

You people are twisted, and I love you for it.

Let’s celebrate 100 blog posts with one of my all-time favorite songs: “Love Plus One” from Nick Heyward and Haircut One Hundred. Of course, I am featuring the hard-to-find extended version because, like Terence Mann in Field Of Dreams, “It’s what I do.”

Here’s to the next 100!


Haircut One Hundred: “Love Plus One” [Extended Version] (Heyward)

From the 12″ single Love Plus One

Arista Records, 1982

About The Analog Kid

"I'm 5-foot-8, 123 pounds. I have, uh, brown hair, blue eyes. I enjoy surfing, backgammon and men who aren't afraid to cry."

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  1. HERC says:

    Early on in my blogging, probably before even twenty postings, I did a feature on the PMRC’s Filthy Fifteen. Those last two words unlocked some sort of Russian porn site robot and my site was hammered (pun intended) for a week before I could figure out what was going on.

    I’m looking at your stats and I see you are are 6K after 100 posts. That one week, those Russiian sites led 5K visitors to my site. Once I figured it out, I deleted the post.

    Your post today rang a bell and I finally remembered why:
    It’s similar to this one, from 2010.

    • Wow, great minds… 🙂

      As for my traffic, it is slowly but surely increasing. I get at least 30 hits from Google each day, and certain posts get multiple hits every day. I am very happy with how it’s going so far!

      I really do appreciate your readership and astute observations. We are way too much alike in oh so many ways!

  2. Mistah Pete says:

    I love Haircut 100. Did you ever hear their second (sans Nick) album? I had it on cassette years ago. I remember it being good enough, but… my tastes may have changed since then. I expect that one is lost to the ages.

    • “Paint And Paint”– and yes, I have it! I’ll try to get it posted for you soon. Really appreciate all of the feedback you have been providing– I can tell you’re having fun and that makes me happy.

    • I forgot to mention that I have acquired a few rock star followers on Twitter through this blog, and Nick Heyward happens to be one of them. Some others: Carnie Wilson, Kenny Aronoff, Greg Kihn, and John Illsey (that one was random but awesome).

  3. Brent says:

    I just want to thank You for this blog. Being home all the time now I have found some treasures that have brightened my day and great surprises. Thank You so much.

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