Obvious: posting U2’s “New Years Day” on New Year’s Day.

Not obvious: posting the awesome USA remix of “New Year’s Day” with alternate lyrics!

Obvious: my head still hurts from last night.

Not obvious: despite my hangover, I ate leftover queso for breakfast.

Obvious: I am enjoying college football today.

Not obvious: I opted for North Texas-UNLV over Nebraska-Georgia and South Carolina-Wisconsin.

Obvious: Beef jerky time!

Not obvious: Who been puttin’ out their Kools on my floor?

Obvious: it’s 2014.

Not obvious: “New Year’s Day” is 31 years old. HOLY SHIT.


U2: “New Year’s Day” [USA Remix] (U2)

From the 12″ single New Year’s Day/Two Hearts Beat As One

Island Records, 1983

About The Analog Kid

"I'm 5-foot-8, 123 pounds. I have, uh, brown hair, blue eyes. I enjoy surfing, backgammon and men who aren't afraid to cry."

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  1. WTF Pancakes says:

    Not obvious: My favorite New Year song isn’t even by U2:

  2. […] trot out my favorite new year song (and no, it’s nothing to do with U2*): * apologies to the Analog Kid, who reminded me that it was time to post a new year […]

  3. surpriseh says:

    WTF Pancakes FTW! Love the Breeders!

  4. u2djd says:

    Like your style………………

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