The Billboard Top 5 from September 4, 1965, is completely ridiculous. Every single song is a classic.

Before you browse down and listen to the songs from 1965, please make a note of the Billboard Top 5 during the second week of September from THIS year. This Top 5 is also completely ridiculous, but for very different reasons. Feel free to compare and contrast if you’d like, although you will have to find the 2013 songs yourself because I don’t own any of them.

5. “Wake Me Up” By Avicii

4. “Holy Grail” by Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake

3. “Royals” by Lorde

2. “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke

1. “Roar” by Katy Perry


The Billboard Top 5: September 4, 1965


Second Album 1

Four Tops: “It’s The Same Old Song” (Holland/Dozier/Holland)

From the album Second Album

Motown Records, 1965

It’s The Same Old Song

I don’t care if “It’s The Same Old Song” is essentially a remake of “I Can’t Help Myself.” If you’re going to steal, steal from yourselves!


Just Once In My Life...

The Righteous Brothers: “Unchained Melody” (Alex North/Hy Zaret)

From the album Just Once In My Life

London Records, 1965

Unchained Melody

“Unchained Melody” was a hit two times for The Righteous Brothers. It peaked at #4 on September 4, 1965, and went as high as #13 when it was re-released following its appearance in the movie Ghost in 1990. Although credited to the band, Bobby Hatfield actually recorded it solo without any contribution from fellow Brother Bill Medley. Hatfield died from a heart attack (induced by a cocaine overdose) in 2003.


“The Righteous Brothers were neither righteous nor brothers. Discuss…”


Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)

The Beach Boys: “California Girls” (Brian Wilson/Mike Love)

From the album Summer Days (And Summer Nights)

Capitol Records, 1965

California Girls

Brian Wilson supposedly wrote the beginning of “California Girls” during his first LSD trip, and Mike Love helped him finish the rest of the song the next day. “California Girls” peaked at #3 in September of 1965, a chart position that was matched by David Lee Roth’s remake in 1985. Somebody get me a doctor.


Highway 61 Revisited 2

Bob Dylan: “Like A Rolling Stone” (Bob Dylan)

From the album Highway 61 Revisited

Columbia Records, 1965

Like A Rolling Stone

“Like A Rolling Stone” almost wasn’t released at all because Columbia Records thought it was way too long. The label eventually released the song unedited, and “Like A Rolling Stone” became Bob Dylan’s biggest hit (it peaked at #2). How does it feel to have never had a #1 hit, Bob?

I shouldn’t tease Bob. After all, Bruce Springsteen has never had a #1 hit either. Rolling Stone did rank “Like A Rolling Stone” at #1 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time in 2010, so that’s not too shabby.



The Beatles: “Help!” [James Bond Intro] (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

From the album Help!

Capitol Records, 1965


It’s funny that “Help!” kept “Like A Rolling Stone” from the #1 slot, as you can clearly hear Bob Dylan’s influence creeping its way into John Lennon’s songwriting. “Help!” spent three weeks at #1, and Lennon often cited it as one of his favorite Beatle compositions.

Note: I’ve included the hard-to-find U.S. version  of “Help!” with its pseudo James Bond intro. Classic!


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.

Second Album 1

Four Tops: “I Can’t Help Myself” (Holland/Dozier/Holland)

From the album Second Album

Motown Records, 1965

I Can’t Help Myself


Bonus Bonus Tracks!

Here’s an alternate universe Top 5 for your listening pleasure…


Who Do Ya (Love)

KC & The Sunshine Band: “It’s The Same Old Song” (Holland/Dozier/Holland)

From the album Who Do Ya (Love)

TK Records, 1978

It’s The Same Old Song


U2_ Singles & B-Sides 4

U2: “Unchained Melody” (Written By Alex North & Hy Zaret)

From the 12″ single All I Want Is You

Island Records, 1989

Unchained Melody


Crazy From The Heat

David Lee Roth: “California Girls” (Brian Wilson/Mike Love)

From the EP Crazy From The Heat

Warner Brothers, 1985

California Girls


The Monterey International Pop Festival [Disc 4]

Jimi Hendrix: “Like A Rolling Stone” (Bob Dylan)

From the album The Monterey International Pop Festival

Rhino Records, 1992

Like A Rolling Stone


Close To You

The Carpenters: “Help” (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

From the album Close To You

A&M Records, 1970


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4 responses »

  1. HERC says:

    Love, love, love the alternate universe Top 5.

    I really had to struggle to put together a Top 10 Songs of 2013 list but both “Wake Me Up” and “Royals” are on there. Could only manage a Top 5 Albums of 2013 list, though.

  2. Johnny says:

    You’re right about most.of 2013. But “Royals” is a great song. Don’t harsh on Lorde. She’s hot.

    • If hotness were my only criteria,I would probably like a lot of today’s music.,,

      I just gave her one more YouTube view. She has over 127 million, but I’m sure she appreciated it. She kinda looks like Emma Stone. The song was OK until the chorus and then I had to say bye-bye.

  3. Leo O'Sullivan says:

    When I moan that pop music simply isn’t what it used to be and my long suffering friends roll their eyes for the billionth time, I wish to God I had my laptop in my back pocket so I could pull up this specific blog. It’s all here in back and white digital pixels! I weep for the future: imagine a world where someone pulls up Justin Timberlake as an example of the good old days! the horror… the horror…

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