U2 actually released two great albums in 1987. In addition to the eleven songs on The Joshua Tree, the band released ten more fantastic songs as single b-sides or as parts of compilations. Did you ever used to make tapes for your friends? I think I made at least 100 copies of The Joshua Tree that year, and they all included the following songs as bonus tracks. Friends kept requesting new copies because theirs had been stolen. Sorry for the loss in royalties, Bono, but I think I’ve more than made it up to you over the years…

U2_ Singles & B-Sides

U2: “Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)” (U2/Brian Eno)

Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)

U2: “Walk To The Water” (U2)

Walk To The Water

From the 12″ single With Or Without You

Island Records, 1987

With Or Without You was the first CD single I ever purchased. As I recall, I shelled out $14.99 for the German paper-sleeve import. It was worth it. Two weeks later, I got to tell Adam Clayton in person how much I liked the b-sides. I felt so hip and cool…


U2_ Singles & B-Sides 5

U2: “Spanish Eyes” (U2)

Spanish Eyes

U2: “Deep In The Heart” (U2)

Deep In The Heart

From the 12″ single I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Island Records, 1987

I actually saw U2 play “Spanish Eyes” at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin in November of 1987. They also played “One Tree Hill” that night, and I didn’t realize until the internet age just how lucky we were to hear that live.


U2_ Singles & B-Sides 1

U2: “Where The Streets Have No Name” [Single Edit] (U2)

Where The Streets Have No Name [Single Edit]

U2: “Race Against Time” (U2)

Race Against Time

U2: “Silver And Gold” (Bono)

Silver and Gold

U2: “Sweetest Thing” (U2)

Sweetest Thing [Original Version]

From the 12″ single Where The Streets Have No Name

Island Records, 1987

Forget the remake for 1990’s greatest hits album: THIS is the definitive version of “Sweetest Thing.” Rarely has a U2 song been so stupidly happy! The EP also included the band’s version of “Silver And Gold,” a concert staple that Bono had originally recorded for the Sun City album with Keith Richards and Ron Wood.


U2_ Singles & B-Sides 6

U2: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” (Jeff Barry/Elle Greenwich/Phil Spector)

From the album A Very Special Christmas

A&M Records, 1987

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

A Christmas classic. U2 recorded it during a soundcheck in Scotland in the middle of July– I hope knowing that doesn’t reduce its awesome Christmas-y power for you.


U2_ Singles & B-Sides 4

U2: “Maggie’s Farm” [Live] (Bob Dylan)

From the album Live For Ireland

MCA Records, 1987

Maggie’s Farm [Live]

This live version of Bob Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm” was recorded during U2’s performance at Self-Aid in May of 1986. U2 went on to perform the song many times that summer during Amnesty International’s “Conspiracy Of Hope” tour.


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.

Sun City

Bono, Keith Richards & Ron Wood: “Silver And Gold” (Bono)

from the album Sun City

EMI Manhattan Records, 1985

Silver & Gold


The Best Of 1980-1990 [Disc 1]

U2: “Sweetest Thing” (U2)

From the album The Best Of 1980 – 1990

Island Records, 1998

Sweetest Thing [The Single Mix]


The Joshua Tree

U2: “One Tree Hill” (Written By U2)

From the album The Joshua Tree

Island Records, 1987

One Tree Hill


Bringing It All Back Home

Bob Dylan: “Maggie’s Farm” (Bob Dylan)

From the album Bringing It All Back Home

Columbia Records, 1965

Maggie’s Farm

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4 responses »

  1. HERC says:

    These were some of the last 7″ singles I bought new. Loved it when they eventually released the Best Ofs, each with a bonus disc of B-sides. Check out my Joshua Tree mixtape HERE.

    The Sun City album and 12″ single got a lot of play back in the day – might have to drag those out and see if the Arthur Baker production has held up.

    And Bono’s take on “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” is definitely one of the top 5 all-time Xmas Anthems here at The Hideaway.

  2. cookworm6 says:

    Thanks so much for the links for these songs…haven’t heard some of these in a LONG time, and I missed them!

  3. tarantella70 says:

    I made a cassette of album + b-sides, really thought it should have been that way from day 1. it’s perfect that way.

  4. Rob Czypinski says:

    Couldn’t agree more – The B-side version of The Sweetest Thing is THE version. So much cleaner, punchier and a more soulful lead vocal. By far the poppiest U2 ever (despite the namesake album itself). From first listen I thought it was far and away a better pop cut than anything on the billboard charts and it eventually proved that even on the lesser GH re-worked release.

    I made and distributed the B-side mix tapes as well, along side all the live bootlegs. In a world short in authenticity and genuineness, music, performances & artistry this good cannot be contained.

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