If it was 10:15 on a Saturday night in 1978, I know what I was doing:


“Theme From Fantasy Island” (Lawrence Rosenthal)

Fantasy Island

Yes, there’s a reason you don’t see Fantasy Island and The Love Boat reruns in syndication today: they’re terrible. Borderline unwatchable, in fact– unless you’re an eleven-year-old boy. Eleven-year-old boys like Barbi Benton.


Eleven-year-old boys even tolerate Bert Convy, as long as he is on-screen with Barbi Benton.


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.


Jack Jones: “Love Boat Theme” (Charles Fox/Paul Williams)

MGM Records, 1979

The Love Boat



Barbi Benton: “Brass Buckles” (Bobby Borchers/Mack Vickery)

From the album Barbi Benton

Playboy Records, 1975

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  1. HERC says:

    Hello, my name is HERC and I’m a Love Boat addict. I was an eleven-year-old boy thirty-something years ago.

    Love the theme song (thanks for posting it), love the constant parade of both then current and then washed up guest stars. My favorite guest stars include Barbi Benton, Loni Anderson, Charo and Jaclyn Smith.

    Currently enjoying season one every Sunday on MeTV. Even DVR’d my first episode of The Talk two weeks back to watch the reunion of the cast including Charo and Jack Jones!

    Fantasy Island? – not so much. I watched it back in the day but it just doesn’t do anything for me now. Both Roarke and Tattoo creep me out more than a little (no pun inteneded).

  2. The Good Doctor Polymer Noyz says:

    First off. . . never dis Mr. Roarke or that awesome show. He’s magic. And he’s Khaaaaaaaaan!!! Second. Don’t dis Bert Convy. He’s Mister Television. And if memory serves correct played an escape artist who wanted to escape from Devil’s Island or so such thing on the very first episode of Fantasy Island. And Barbi Benton. . . wow, woah, makes the twelve year old boy in me wanna type with one hand.

  3. Leo O'Sullivan says:

    Barbi Benton. Prove that God is a dude.

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