Stewart Copeland and Sting formed The Police with guitarist Henry Padovani in early 1977. This 3-piece lineup recorded the band’s debut single “Fall Out” before they had even played a gig. It cost them £150.

The Police_ Singles & B-Sides 2

The Police: “Fall Out” (Stewart Copeland)

Illegal Records, 1977

Fall Out

“Fall Out” was written by drummer Stewart Copeland, and he also played most of the guitar as Padovani was apparently very nervous about being in a recording studio. Henry did add the solo though– notice Sting’s encouraging “Henry!” yell right before the break.

The Police: “Nothing Achieving” (Stewart Copeland/Miles Copeland)

B-side of the 7″ single Fall Out

Illegal Records, 1977

Nothing Achieving

“Nothing Achieving” was the b-side to “Fall Out,” and again it was written by Copeland with assistance from his brother Miles. Miles was also the Police’s manager (and eventually the head of IRS Records), and was notorious for his hatred of bland white clothing (check out Sting’s concert film Bring On The Night for further information on this odd quirk).

The single failed to chart in the UK upon its original release in the spring of 1977, but it did eventually hit #47 after it was re-released in 1979 following the success of “Message In A Bottle.”

Of course, Padovani’s stay with The Police was a short one. Andy Summers was soon brought in as a fourth member, and after a few gigs Padovani was asked to leave the band. Don’t feel too bad for Henry, though– he immediately joined Wayne County & The Electric Chairs, and eventually became a vice president at IRS Records.

As for the rest of The Police, the classic three-piece lineup was now in place. It would take a few years and a lot of tours in small vans, but The Police would eventually conquer the free world and all of those living upon it. Just ask Sting…


Bonus Tracks!

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Regatta De Blanc

The Police: “Message In A Bottle” (Sting)

From the album Regatta de Blanc

A&M Records, 1979

Message In A Bottle

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