The Analog Kid’s iTunes music folder contains almost 80,000 songs, but even a collection that large has some one-hit wonders and/or obscurities. In this continuing series, I will feature an artist that has exactly one song in my library. After all, one is the loneliest number…  [Note: a quick search tells me that I have 54 Three Dog Night songs in my collection. This might be harder than I thought!]

Everything (2)

Climie Fisher: “Love Changes (Everything)” (Simon Climie/Rob Fisher/Dennis Morgan)

From the album Everything

EMI Records, 1987

Love Changes (Everything)

Climie Fisher were a synth-pop duo from the UK that produced two albums in the late ’80s. Lead vocalist Simon Climie had previously found success as a writer (he co-wrote the George Michael/Aretha Franklin duet “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me’), while keyboardist Rob Fisher was one-half of the classic synth band Naked Eyes (“Always Something There To Remind Me”).

Their debut album Everything featured “Love Changes (Everything),” their one big international hit. The song went to #2 in their native UK, #7 in Germany, and almost into the top 20 in the United States. I really like the song– it sounds a lot like Rod Stewart fronting the Pet Shop Boys. I have a vague recollection of the song from the radio in 1988, but I had forgotten about it until I purchased this CD back in the mid-’90s:

Living In Oblivion_ The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5

Living In Oblivion: The 80’s Greatest Hits Volume 5

EMI Records, 1995

“Love Changes (Everything)” appears as track 17.

Climie Fisher broke up after two records, and unfortunately Fisher passed away due to cancer in 1999. Both of their albums were reissued on CD in 2009, but are once again out of print. I’ve been looking for both on vinyl for years, and when I find them I assure you that there will be more than one Climie Fisher song in my iTunes library.


Bonus Tracks!

The first rule of The Analog Kid blog is that if you write about a song on the Analog Kid blog, you share the song on the Analog Kid blog.


Aretha Franklin & George Michael: “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” (Simon Climie/Dennis Morgan)

From the album Aretha

Arista Records, 1986

I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) [With George Michael]


Naked Eyes

Naked Eyes: “Always Something There To Remind Me” (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)

From the album Naked Eyes

EMI Records, 1983

Always Something There To Remind Me

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